Readers comments

Charmaine Augustinus, Almere, The Netherlands

"When I read your book, I felt as if I could have written it. I had to stop reading many times to wipe my tears and to clear my vision. It felt as if my heart were breaking. … Your book comforted me and makes me think that there may be light in the darkness. …. Thank you for your book which is very special."

Monique van Delft, Elba, Italy

"It was as if I were reading my own story, my own thoughts, my own desperate feelings and pain. … I thank you with my whole heart for your words of comfort, you gave me hope. … One day it will get better, one day life will come back. Very often I take up your book and I read again and again your words. … Would it not be a good idea to translate you book into Italian? I am sure it would also help a lot of people in Italy."

Machteld, The Netherlands

"Your book is a living testimony, that it is not death that parts us, but love that binds us. In order to experience that, we have to grow from our physical duality to our spiritual wholeness, from I to Self and that is a painful process. Never before have I seen so movingly written the struggle that such a path holds and with such simplicity, touching the core that brings us back to the source, of which we all are a part. That essence, which your words have managed to convey, touches my heart. I cry and cannot stop because your words open a deeper layer in myself. Grief for what has been and what shall never return in the same form. A love, that taught me what Love is. I want to thank you for your vulnerability and your courage in sharing this personal document with others. The strength that shines through will be of support to many on their path."

M. van Aardennen, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

"I cannot repeat enough how your book brought me back to a special atmosphere; it is exactly, but exactly how I feel … We had been so happy together. It feels somehow good to read aloud your beautiful verses. How extremely clever to be able to express your feelings in such a superb way. … Once again, your words touched me deeply, and I admire the fact that someone can express such intense feelings in this way."

Arnoud de Zoete, Oostvoorne, The Netherlands

"I read the book in one go. Gripping, recognition, sympathetic, heartwarming. I identified myself with many of your utterances; your outcries of disbelief, denial and your love. I relived the whole process of illness, death, burial and the long hours of loneliness. As you put it in one of your poems: words are inadequate to describe that aching, continuous missing. … I congratulate you sincerely with this beautiful book. In one word: great."

Silvia de Vries, Strömstad, Sweden

"I read the book without stopping and was deeply struck by the intense process into which the reader is drawn. I experience the book as a comfort and a support in my life. We all battle, each in his own way, with life's themes. I also learnt a lot from the book: that the search for wholeness and detachment knows many facets. Thank you for your courage in sharing such a vulneable process with your readers."

Edye Kasteel, St. Michel l'Observatiore, France.

"I have read and reread all your poems. You have a gift for words. One can really feel the emotions that you express in them. I cried a lot, laughed once or twice and fully enjoyed reading about your quest for yourself. You convey your message with such beauty and love. The poems are powerful, profound and heart rending. They are full of life's lessons and therefore interesting even to those who have not been in your situation. So many personal feelings emerged while reading the poems. I thank you for sharing such a deep part of yourself with me."

Stephanie de Witte, Amsterdam

"I started reading your book in the train … to be able to express your grief in such a beautiful, pure and penetrating way. Your bereavement process is so tangible, that although I have not had to bid a final farewell to a loved one, I can feel now, in a small way, what it could mean. Is this pain and intense grief the price you have to pay for loving someone?"

H. Reiff, Geldermalsen, The Netherlands

"I read your book and strange as it may seem, I enjoyed it. So simple, yet so striking. I recognised every sentence and could freely let my tears flow. …. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful book I think it is."