Book description

How does it feel to loose someone you dearly love?

How do you cope with the pain and despair?

Can you ever let the beloved one go?

Raw feelings, raw emotions described in short poetic sentences that will strike a deep chord of recognition in those who have undergone a tragic loss.

Readers, who have lost a loved one, may find solace and recognition as they read this outpouring of grief in a woman, struggling to survive the loss of her husband.

It is also a spiritual journal and a search for meaning in a world wherein once you loved and were loved and now you find yourself alone.

It is a love story, poignantly told, that will move you deeply.

There is a mystical element. Communication with the deceased. Whether a reality or not, these messages are of great comfort to the bereaved.

The whole process from the moment of death and the heart-rending loss to eventual recovery is related in a very honest, open, vulnerable and direct manner.

This book is an inspiration to persevere in times of grief and despair and shows that it is possible to transcend the death of a loved one.